Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are the icing on our cake! We receive a smattering of notes, photos, and emails from the kiddos who received our arts and craft activities, from their parents, and from hospital staff members. They always put smiles on our faces.

Here’s my Caitlin’s smiles while having fun with your Caitlin’s Smiles kit!

- Colleen

We used your turtle weaving kit from Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia today. Came out pretty nice! Thank you kindly!

- Scott

We have just received your coping kits and are completely in love! We are so excited to use these for our patients to provide support, coping, and being able to easily establish rapport. Thank you for all you do!

- Jordana, Staten Island University Hospital

She says, "Thank you for the gifts!"

- Shakeila

It was the first time being admitted to the hospital for this young fellow. He says, "Thank you!" Caitlin's Smiles provides activities to help kids cope and have a little bit of normalcy while dealing with stressful medical situations.


My young child is in the ER right now and received one of your bags. Thank you so much, they are so sweet and thoughtful. They helped her take her medicine and stay calm and happy. She squeezed the playdoh when she was getting medicine, watched me color as we waited, and is playing with the stickers and bookmark now. Thank you so much,

- Amanda

Thank you so much for your work. My son immediately coloured in his book and the dinosaur hasn’t left his side. We came in after fighting a stomach virus for 4 days and not being able to stay hydrated. He was very sad and wouldn’t smile. When our nurse came in with the bag of toys and stickers, he immediately lit up. Thank you so much!

- Nicole

Thank you SO MUCH for the gift bag. My son receives infusions every 12 weeks and He was so excited when he was given this upon arrival. Bless you!!

- Alysia

My son James is in the hospital with influenza A. Your gift bag made his day! He especially loved the necklace and bookmark crafts. Thank you so much for what you do. It’s truly amazing.

- Bethany

Thanks for your gifts and the 'Roll a Monster' game as he awaits surgery for his broken arm!

- Nicholas

Thank you!

- Judi

Our daughter, Lyla, was a recipient of one of your art/toys kits while she was at Cleveland Clinic for her scans. She was so excited and hasn’t stopped playing with the items in that bag since she got it!

- Mark

Thank you for the sweet bag. My daughter was very scared and sad and your bag made her feel better!

- Chelle

Yailiz and I have decided to volunteer at Caitlin’s Smiles after receiving a bag of art goodies while in the ER waiting to be seen. It was not ideal to have to visit the ER, yet the gift brought smiles to our faces! We were both surprised and after learning more about Caitlin’s Smiles decided to become part of the cause. Yailiz loves art and is very good at it. She also loves helping people. We are honored to help contribute to smiling faces.

- Marie

This is a wonderful bag of goodies! Trey was very excited about the Star Wars stickers! Thank you very much for your kindness.

- Marc

Thank you for the bag of Smiles! Hannah loves Everything!!

- Ashley

I took my daughter to ER today, they gave her a Smile Bag, she was so happy, thank you so much for this wonderful thing you are doing.

- Carolina

Our son recently was in critical care. He received a playdoh toy and Bag of Smiles with art activities from your organization that made his stay fun and gave him comfort. Thank you so much for providing him with this activity bag.

- Julie

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift bag that you made for Hillcrest Hospital (Cleveland). My son was there last weekend with the stomach flu and it really cheered him up. We are still enjoying the crafts even at home! That was so nice and thoughtful of you!!!

- Amy

Thank you for your gift bag! My daughter enjoyed it.

- Kelly

Hope these supplies help your amazing organization! We learned about you recently when my friend's daughter was admitted to Johns Hopkins for cancer treatment. She is so appreciative of the crafts to keep spirits up!

- Jessica

Sending Smiles to hospitalized kids like this little guy.

- Myra

Thank you so much for the amazing and wonderful gifts!!! She can’t wait to do the hemp keychain and the personal note was beautiful. Destiny had surgery yesterday. She is in the pediatric unit at Wellspan York Hospital. Thank you for everything that you do. Such a wonderful surprise and gift :)

- Amanda

Thank you!

- Lex

Thank you so much for the gift bag. Yailiz was very surprised and happy to have received the goodies. She loves to create art! Just wanted to send a pic and say thank you for putting a smile on her face!

- Yaitza

Hi, we're staying at the RMH and found one of your craft kits. I wanted to say THANK YOU! 😊 It sure brightened her day. I appreciate what you do! Best regards,

- Renee and Addie

Thank you so much for making her smile.

- Sherrie

It was wonderful to have your kit to distract and cheer her up. Hello! I want to thank you for the emergency room necklace kit you put together for Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC. We unexpectedly found ourselves there when my two-year-old got sick last weekend. She had to get so many needle pricks while she was there. It was wonderful to have your kit to distract and cheer her up. Thank you for your compassionate service to my daughter and our family! God Bless!

- Meg and Luci

That care package totally made our night so much easier. My name is Maxine and I just had to take my son to (St. Luke's) Miners Campus er for an infection, not a fun time but what did make it so much easier was that care package totally made our night so much easier. Its people like you who make the world special. Keep up the amazing work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️

- Maxine

Ella & Eve, stopped by Smiles Central to pick up some Bags of Smiles. These adorable twins, Ella & Eve, stopped by Smiles Central to pick up some Bags of Smiles to keep them busy at ongoing appointments at CHOP and Wills Eye Institute, and during their isolation period at home. These cuties can’t risk getting colds, flus or Covid during their treatment.


Thank you so much! He is not feeling good for a picture but does love his teddy bear.


Thank you so much for the crafts! Liliana loved them while inpatient at Albany Med!


Our daughter, Natalie, was so happy to receive a gift during her stay in the peds unit! It was great to have something to make her feel at home. We want to pass that gift to other families and provide them some comfort during their time of need.

- Jamie

I just wanted to say thank you for creating these wonderful Coping Kits. I just wanted to say thank you for creating these wonderful Coping Kits. My daughter (Toni-Elizabeth, 3 years old) was recently in the hospital two separate times, and each time the nurse gave her one of your kits. It really really brightened her time there in the midst of not feeling well. She enjoyed playing with the playdoh, coloring, and especially loved all of the wonderful stickers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stay safe and be well,

- Wendy

My daughter got her first covid vaccine yesterday at a Geisinger facility in Danville. After she was done, she was told that she could pick a prize from their prize box. When we were in the waiting area, she was so happy when she pulled out all the wonderful things from your organization. She especially LOVED the handwritten card that said "You are a star!" How fitting for her. She was very upset and anxious to get her vaccine. The smile on her face after reading that really made her day. I simply wanted to thank you for the goody bags that were sent to the vaccine clinic. They certainly put a SMILE on all the children's faces. I hope you have a great week!

- Angie

Thank you for the thoughtful gift! Our son has been in the ER since Sunday night. EJ is two years old and he loves to color. Thank you again!


She loves crafting and your kits brightened her day! Hello! My daughter had surgery at Cincinnati Children’s over Thanksgiving, and we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house (we live in NC). We found some of your crafts there and wanted to share. Thank you SO much! She loves crafting and your kits brightened her day! Thank you!

- Tiffany

Thank you so much!


Thank you very much for his Bag of Smiles. Thank you very much for his Bag of Smiles. He got very excited once he saw it. Sending Smiles to Luis and pediatric patients at Breidegam Family Children’s Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest.


Thank you so much!! It made me so happy.

- Dana

I want to thank you for the wonderful gifts you gave me and made me smile. Hi, my name is Alondra and I want to thank you for the wonderful gifts you gave me and made me smile. That moment was the nicest thing that happened to me in my entire day and made me smile. Thank you so much.

- Alondra

Matthew sent a beautiful smile from Harrisburg Hospital!


I just wanted to thank you and the Caitlin's Smiles team!!! I am so appreciative of the Bags of Smiles that you send to our patients at Harlem Hospital. They have just the perfect amount of activities to keep our patients engaged. When I present them with your bag, their eyes immediately get wide and they can't wait to see what's inside! The most recent donation had stuffed animals! What a surprise! The stuffed animals have already received so many hugs! Thank you for all you do and I am so appreciative of Caitlin's Smiles!

- Ivana

My 9-year-old was so happy for the bag and says thanks.


Thank you for the Bag of Smiles! It really made my daughter's day when she was admitted to the hospital.


Thanks a bunch!


Thank you very much!


This bag of goodies made his day. Thank you.


Kynzlee enjoyed the smile bag!


Thank you for this thoughtful gift bag! Grayson was so thrilled and it certainly brought big smiles to his face. The world needs more people like you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless!

- Grayson's Family

Big Thanks!


Thank you so much for the activity bag my daughter received at York Hospital after her surgery! We went in Friday to the emergency department not prepared to stay for the evening for an emergency surgery so this was very well appreciated as we were not prepared in any way! ❤️ Many thanks for saving the day!

- Kelly

We want to say thank you for your thoughtfulness and care in preparing kits for children hospitalized at CHOP. This was a delightful blessing for my 2 1/2 year old son who had surgery and 5 days in the hospital. It was something fun and different that brightened his day. Thank you so much for taking the time and creativity to bless children and families this way.

- Love, The Earl Family

Thank you!


My daughter was recently seen in the ER of Crozer Chester Medical Center (near Philadelphia). She will be 2 soon so needless to say finding things for an inquisitive child in a hospital ER room proves challenging. The nurse brought in one of your coping kits for her and it was such a savior! She played with the bookmark stickers, 'wrote' in the journal what I can only imagine were her trials and gripes of being in a hospital, and enjoyed the little maze toy. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to volunteer to make these kits and please know they help more than you know. Take care and stay safe!

- Kim

Thank you for everything you do for these children. You definitely put a smile on my daughter's face.


I just wanted to say thank you! My daughter was recently admitted at DuPont (Wilmington, Delaware) for 5 days and your organization brought her such joy during a difficult time. What you people are doing is amazing and thank you!!!

- Noel

Thank you! We just brought our bag home from the hospital.


Thank you so much for caring for our little ones during most difficult time. We pack our hospital bag and book bag but he was so excited to receive a treat bag to color his favorite Ironman. Thank you again!

- Noah's Family

He loved your crafts! Thanks from 6-year-old Theo from Sioux Falls, South Dakota who is treated at Nationwide Children's in Columbus, Ohio.


Here is our girl with her Bag of Smiles. This brought some much needed happiness to us all.

- The Meade Family

During our vacation, I had to take my daughter to the local hospital. It was a worrisome experience for us. I was so grateful for the Caitlin's Smiles packet the nurse gave us. From an art teacher & a three-year-old, thank you!


I just wanted to say Thank You for the beautiful bag with crayons and coloring books. It made her stay at Lehigh Valley Hospital much better. My wife and I think you are all amazing.


Dakotah with her Bag of Smiles.


Thank you!


Thank you! Sending Smiles to Lehigh Valley Hospital.


Thank You! Made this little boy happy!


Sending Smiles to the kids at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland.


Camille says thank you for the Bag of Smiles!


Thank You!!!! My son, Cameron, right before surgery this morning.


Sending Thanks! Vincent with the Bag of Smiles that he received from our organization during his hospital stay.


We wanted to reach out and thank you for Cora’s Bag of Smiles! Cora was admitted due to second-degree burns and has been in a lot of pain during her stay. The bag of goodies has made her smile and gave her something to be excited about while being here! Thank you so much, what a wonderful organization. I hope Caitlin's Smiles continues helping children for a long time 💗


Many thanks for the smile package. It definitely put a smile on our daughter's face. Thank you for all the good work you do to help put a smile on those who need it most. Our daughter loved all the goodies she received. -Kathy


Bennett received one of our Bags of Smiles during a hospital stay. We should be a short stay but this bag has helped keep him busy


Thank you so much for the Bag of Smiles! Armando appreciates it so much and it has brightened our stay!


Sending Smiles to this little lady. One of our Bags of Smiles brought a smile to this little lady's face during her stay at Lehigh Valley Hospital.


This young fellow received one of our Bag of Smiles during his stay at Cleveland Clinic. What a sweet thing you do for kids. Me and my son wanted to email you picture and forward you our appreciation!


Don't mind my messy face, it was lunch time! Thank you so much for the nice and thoughtful Boy Coping Kit I received after my trip to Windber Hospital ER. I loved it!


"Thank you for the bag of goodies!" Callie received one of our Bags of Smiles while staying at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.


Madilyn says, "Thank you!"


Asher says thank you for his bag of smiles!!! You made his day! The card inside of it was from a lady in Illinois. We moved her to Ohio from Illinois, so he thought that was pretty cool! God Bless! Marcy