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Ways to Make
a Sick Child Smile


You can help make a sick child smile in many ways. Our Creative Arts Care Program recognizes that healing is mental, as well as physical. Creativity is vital to a child's normal development, and art is a very positive distraction within a hospital setting. Our Bag of Smiles kits encourage emotional healing through creative activity. They contain supplies such as crayons, modeling clay, journals and stickers. They are hand-assembled and delivered free to children in hospitals nationwide by a network of volunteers.

We also provide a monthly handcrafted gift card program where handcrafted cards made and delivered to children bring smiles to their faces. We are also looking for a variety of skills to assist in public outreach and public relations. If you would like to join our network of volunteers, click on the link below.


Creating Smiles

You can help create smiles by making bags and cards. We need volunteers to assemble bags and deliver the bags and cards to hospitals and clinics. You could also start a craft drive in your community. Time commitment: 1-2 hours per session..


Public Outreach

Public outreach for Caitlin's Smiles includes speaking at churches, service organizations and schools. The goal of this outreach to find volunteers, obtain donated craft supplies, and increase awareness of our cause. How you can help: Speak on behalf of Caitlin's Smiles in the community. Time commitment: 1-2 hours per session.


Public Relations

Public relations activities include creating and maintaining our monthly newsletter and website. We also periodically reach out to media outlets with ongoing news releases and public service announcements. How you can help: Put your skills to work on the newsletter, website or in media outreach. Time commitment: 4-5 hours per session.


Grant Writing

Caitlin's Smiles survives on fundraising from grants, local sponsors and workplace drives. We can't bring smiles to children without all of these important avenues of support. How you can help: We need people with skills at writing grants. We also need people who can help to secure local sponsors and host annual workplace craft/fund drives. Time commitment: 4-5 hours per session.