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Bringing Smiles: Volunteering for Caitlin’s Smiles

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Caitlin’s Smiles. With only a handful of staff, we depend on the good people who volunteer their time in many ways. We have hundreds of volunteers doing a variety of tasks, allowing us to reach children in over 90 locations in nine states. Without our volunteers, Caitlin’s Smiles would not exist.

We welcome new volunteers who are willing to give their time, energy and talents to bring smiles to hospitalized children. Check our FAQs for answers to the most common questions about volunteering for Caitlin’s Smiles.

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Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Craft kit making — Most of our volunteers start here. We’ll have you make craft kits and decorate gift bags for kids in the hospital in order to get to know the organization.

    Time commitment: about two hours
    • Our monthly craft nights and afternoons are held at our office in the evening and on weekends. Pre-registration is required here.
    • We have volunteer hours for individuals and groups from 10 am to noon and from 1 to 3 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Special arrangements can be made for other days and times. Call our office to discuss a time and date to volunteer. Pre-registration is required.
    • If your club, workplace or school would like to make craft kits at a different location, that’s great as well. The instructions for many of our craft kits are available online — just gather the needed supplies, and off you go. Please note that we no longer furnish supplies for off-site groups.

  • Administration — If you can answer telephones, make copies, input computer data or help with mailings, file, and/or fax during our weekday business hours, we’d love to have you join our team. Sign up here.

    Time commitment: two hours/week
  • Craft drives — Having a craft drive at your school, workplace, place of worship or other location for Caitlin’s Smiles? If so, focus on one or two items, such as Play-Doh® and coloring books, or use our wish list. All items must be new and in original packaging.

    Time commitment: varies
  • Deliveries — We are able to save money when volunteers can deliver our hospital orders to healthcare facilities in our nine-state footprint. This involves picking up 3-10 copy paper-sized boxes filled with “Bags of Smiles” at our office in Harrisburg, driving to a specified facility and unloading them at the Welcome Desk — our volunteers do not deliver to the individual children in hospitals.

    We especially need volunteers who can help deliver to locations outside of Harrisburg. Check our list of hospitals to see if you can take boxes to any of these locations. Please contact our office to discuss deliveries.

    Time commitment: varies

  • Events — We need people to assist with various events throughout the year, such as staffing an informational table at the mall or leading a bag-decorating table.

    Time commitment: varies.
  • Fundraising — We have several fundraisers throughout the year — some large, some small. We need people to plan, lead, assist or simply help with these events.

    Time commitment: varies
  • Tote bag sewing — Cloth tote bags are always needed. Sewing instructions are available online, but any basic, kid-oriented tote bag that can hold coloring books and several cans of Play-Doh® will do the trick. Please note that we do not use bags that endorse a company or product.

    Time commitment: varies

  • Warehouse — Our warehouse is a busy place, between sorting incoming donations, getting craft supplies to volunteers and packing hospital deliveries. We can always use the help of organizers, sorters and packers.

    Time commitment: two hours or more